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    begins in wonder– Socrates

The aim of this blog is to spark lines of thought that will promote a deeper understanding, and a
higher quality of debate, of issues that surround us!

The risk posed by high Malaysian household debt

Overview: During the 1997 financial crisis, Malaysian banks were highly exposed to corporate debt. After that, they started becoming more aggressive in issuing debt to household to diversify their portfolios. Today, we have one of the highest household debt to GDP ratio in the region.  What happens as the cost…

Devolution of unity among Malaysians

Overview: I recall my younger days, my friends and I were just friends at school. Today, we Malaysians look at one another through the lens of race and religion. We get upset with one another over minor differences. Why are we like this? Is it just us or is everyone…

When will Malaysia achieve the economic goals of high income status?

Overview: Vision2020 envisaged a developed country in line with Tun Dr. Mahathir’s “Malaysian: The Way Forward.” That was a really good and positive target. As usual, our “Malaysia Boleh” politicians downgraded it to a nominal US$15,000 target under the Economic Transformation Program (ETP). Whatever the policy makers in Malaysia say,…

How the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) can affect us

Overview: Malaysia signed on to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), a deal that will apparently liberalise trade and investment between 12 Pacific-rim countries. However, trade is only covered in 7 of the 30 chapters of the Agreement. What about the other chapters? One thing is certain: TPPA, once implemented, will…


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A hearty welcome. During my career , I have been fortunate to explore to some depth the area of conflict handling management. Malaysia, I must say, is a case of conflict management gone awry. If allowed to continue, six decades of development is at risk.

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